stripedveeIf there were one true path to success, every one would take it, right? Acting is an odd business. What works for one person might not work for another. We must each find our own way and travel it at our own pace. There can be no question that an actor’s journey involves struggle and sacrifice. The rewards make it worth while, on the rare occasions when they present themselves. Even when facing failures and set backs, a performer can find solace in knowing how lucky they are to be doing what they love to do. The more they can laugh at the crazy meandering course they are on, the better for their well being.

As for me, I started out by performing as a clown. That was when I was fourteen. From there, I began acting in plays. First comedy. Then drama. Then Shakespeare. Then a move from stage to screen and from New York to Los Angeles. Now, I’m back in New York and searching for work in any of the above categories, and a few others I’ve picked up along the twisting, unpredictable, colorful way upon which I’ve chosen to push my magical traveling side show cart.


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  1. Sheri Smith says:

    You need a picture of your cute little self! Love, your biggest fan

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