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Must Be Airline Pilot

It has come to this. Must be airline pilot. Must have clocked a minimum of two hundred hours flying. For a non-speaking role. In a commercial. Please, someone, tell me how this makes sense? That they must hire an actual, … Continue reading

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In the Foreground

There is a category called “Featured Background” which exists here in Hollywood. It’s kind of a strange term, because it doesn’t have any real meaning. Background work is background work. The pay isn’t any better if you are cast as … Continue reading

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Leave it in Vegas

Vegas.  It would have to be in Vegas.  My big audition for that big theatre company, the one that makes everyone oooh and aaah.  The one that opens all sorts of doors for a performer, just at the mention of … Continue reading

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Circus Audition

Sometimes a story will sound made up no matter how it’s told. The audition call came about a week after I submitted for the movie under two categories: clown and stilt walker. Basically, they are seeking featured background, and are … Continue reading

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